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Meet Pastor Steve...

Dear church Family,

Holy Week. We continue our journey to Easter. This was a troubling week for Jesus. These will be a troubling few weeks for us. Life is full of these troubling seasons. On Sunday we will celebrate that Jesus rose from death, and conquered evil once and for all! Our planet is groaning for salvation to be completed. As I write this, I look out in our yard and see flowers burst forth through the packed and hardened mulch. I feel like I want to help them, but they must struggle up on their own. God has reminded us that he will not stop the springtime and harvest until he comes! God has much to teach all of us through this time of testing and waiting. May we all walk these days in His Spirit and love.

Unequal. Betty and I have adjusted, for the most part, to being at home. She set up an office at home. We are the fortunate ones. I am struck by how unequal this crisis impacts our world. For some of us it is an adjustment. Some will lose their jobs, business, and have to start over. Others will die a painful and lonely death without an immediate funeral. Please be tenderhearted, and prayerful for others.

Announcements. Jason Good has announced that he will start as Interim Pastor at another congregation the Sunday after Easter. He will send a letter with more information. We wish his family all God’s best, but hate to see them go. Our denomination is offering a video Love Feast this Thursday evening at 8 pm at Last Wednesday we had a break in at our church at the door by the kitchen. The door glass was broken and the kitchen had coffee creamer and drinks poured on the floor. The police are involved, and our insurance company has been contacted.

Calls. It has been wonderful to call many of you and stay in touch. I also send this as a regular letter to some in our church. Throughout the Bible, God is lord of every plague. God is Lord over this one too. Please be patient and prayerful as we wait for better days to come.

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