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Meet Pastor Steve...

Dear church Family,

It has been five Sundays since we have worshiped together. All meetings and other gatherings have been canceled. Our church building has been broken into and damaged twice. The restoration work will begin in a few days. These have been stressful days that seem to go on and on. It has taken me weeks to adjust to the reality of this crisis, and the reality that things will never be quite the same. We have been forced into this time of reflection and self- examination.

The coronavirus will leave 95% of its victims still breathing. But it leaves almost everyone of us isolated and anxious. It is very important to have a clear routine in your life. This experience is a call to renew and upgrade our prayer life. You have seen on our emails the 714 project that encourages all of us to pray at 7:14 in the morning to unite as Christians across America in asking God for help at this time. What a beautiful experience. When May 1 comes, I will begin reusing the March-April devotions the church has distributed. Betty and I look at where each writer lives as a way of connection with them. As salt and light of the world, the church needs to stand strong for the world.

Our greatest response to the world will be to love our neighbor. We owe them the practice of good precautions. People are living in fear. Our greatest witness can be now. We do not understand the burdens they carry. Show them simple acts of love.

I’ve been thinking that the world has a greater virus than covid19. That virus is sin. The sin virus affects 100% of humankind. There is no immunity. People are facing their own mortality. We all need a savior. This is the time we need to look beyond the present and share the message of hope we have in Jesus! We need to lead conversations on deeper issues than on how long we can survive, or how many things we might have. Scriptures remind us that we do not live as those without hope. Many around us do not know this hope. May God empower all of us to be the salt and light he has created us to be!

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