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Meet Pastor Steve...

Dear Church Family,

Greetings in the name of our dear Lord. Please keep you hearts in the Peace of Jesus. He does have the whole world in his hands. The current May – June Upper Rooms were lost in the cleanup that followed the break in. Only 25 have been ordered this time for the Oasis class. They will be here any day now. We did not order the extra 60 copies for the wider church. Only 3 of them were used the last time.

Jason Good is officially the pastor of Swatara Hill Church of the Brethren. You can experience his sermons on their Facebook page.

When will our church open for worship? This is determined by our state, and denominational guidelines. We do not have a date yet.

What will worship look like? We will need to wear masks, and sit 6 feet apart. We will not be touching each other, or having a greeting line after worship. Offerings will be left in a plate at the back of the church. Weather permitting, it will be safer to talk outside, standing at least 6 feet apart. The church board will meet soon to discuss specifics on these matters. What are we doing now? Our worship services are on our website. Go to the Worship icon and click on it. The singing and sermons are there. Go to the Pastor icon and click on it. There you can see letters to the church, and the first Aging Gracefully lesson. Please remember to share your joys and concerns with Gloria so she can put them on the email. I have started to snail mail my printed sermons to those who do not have email. This includes about 17 families. Let me know if you want to be added to this list. I would be happy to send them to you. About 12 families enjoy a Zoom discussion meeting on Sunday evenings from 6:00 – 6:30 pm. You are encouraged to join. Please make every effort to reach out and contact each other. We all need each other. The church needs to be with each other to grow together. Even the Denver Ministerium meets on line.

The church building. Lighthouse ministries are not cleared by the state to either mow or clean the church. Someone is mowing the area directly around the church. We need someone to mow the grove. The sanctuary has been shampooed, and the basement floor has been stripped and waxed. Soon, new carpet and replacement items will be arriving. Please pray for the two girls and their families involved in the break ins. Pray for their healing and help. Please do not harbor unforgiveness. It eventually leads to just these kinds of events. Please pray for our nation. It seems like everything is pushed into either extreme right of left politics. It only fosters more bitterness and even less cooperation. The truth is that none of us neatly fits into any political package. We are the children of God.

Pastor Steve   /   717.336.7616   /   Stevens, PA, 17578
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